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A closet in your room

All women dream of having a closet infinite well ordered, where you can store all our clothing and accessories but, for reasons of space we often can not have a room exclusively for clothing.

Aqua not having a room that could become dressing not means we can not make our dream come true in a simple and full of style. Put a dresser in your room.
A closet in your room
Small spaces big ideas

Maybe we can have a closet like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City but that does not mean we can not enable a perfect space for our clothes. Sometimes it is not about having a closet but to exploit and create a corner.

If you have a wasted corner in your room, bet on a closet without doors, well organized and where you can store all your stuff. Combine with dressing a small space where you can have your accessories and where you can fix and although not a closet, have an open enlightened where to find your stuff will be a real delight.


If you think your dream of an open dressing can not be done by having wardrobes try to remove the doors. Yes, it may sound crazy and, of course, required to maintain much order but if you want a dressing room where you can even get this is your best option.

With an interior well distributed and tidy, good interior lighting and adapting the appearance to not look like a closet, get a unique space that will give it very chic to your room. If, in addition, you can find a corner to make it a toilet even in the bath, enjoy a space just for yourself beautiful.

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