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A bookstore in an old stairwell

We all have books at home that we are cherished, and now we give them a place and an economical and easy to accomplish. That is using a ladder to make an old bookstore. Today you can recycle many things we have at home and may be renewed both serve for something else and look like new but we can also flirt with super-rustic look. Especially if we are going to use has deteriorated over time.
A bookstore
Now we can recycle the old wooden ladder that has served both to give a rustic and basic detail to the bedroom placing side by side to put on it some books. No doubt that is attractive although some think it looks quite shabby. But it just sandpaper and paint that you can put in excellent shape to make it look wonderful. It’s a very nice to get something new from something old.

It takes nothing more than the stairs, a few nails and a hammer and clears from it in two and attach it under the wall where two walls meet, to give it that looks like the same if it’s not easy you choose to put it over the wall and have your bookcase with a ladder recycled so easy. It’s a nice option because you can put the books easily between the wall and the ladder frame.

A great way to be original and clear to be thrifty in these times is a requirement to avoid exceeding the budget that we have to conform but also a way to use to decorate and be original recycling, which is more than a fashion, a way of life.

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